Conscious Fathering Program is a hands-on class that prepares fathers for taking care of their newborn baby. This class is for fathers with newborns and expecting fathers in their second or third trimester. This is a three-hour class that covers topics such as how to hold your baby, feeding, cleaning, comforting, and how to identify baby’s basic needs. This is a class for fathers and taught by fathers.



• Learn the basics
• Establish what being a
father means to you
• Identify and anticipate
your baby’s needs
• Create lasting relationships



  • “Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to the class. But the conversations and topics covered with Josh were exactly what I needed. I feel much more confident and prepared to take control of certain situations now because of this class. I look forward to this journey and not only using what I’ve learned but also continuing learning along the way.”

    -Expectant Father, attended at Memorial Medical Center 2019
  • “Very informative and easy-going experience. I am grateful after this class because it was a great confidence boost and handling practical needs for the baby.”

    Expectant Father, attended at Mountain View Regional Medical Center 2019
  • “Excellent Class-Great information and practical application. Learned valuable skills and information.?

    -Expectant Father, attended at Turning Point of Las Cruces 2019
  • “Great class. Never thought there was a father class. I Hope that this class goes a long way not just for the best of the child, but to be a better prepared father.”

    -Expectant Father, attended at Memorial Medical Center 2019
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